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Sunday, December 29, 2002

Yin and yang

Over the last two years, the negative, cynical side of me that others find so attractive and charming has launched my lists of the Top 10 Nitwits of the Year. This year, now that I've got the weblog, things will be a little different.

Don't worry, the 2002 nitwit list will appear very shortly; indeed, the competition is especially keen this year, and the judges are working on it as I write. But first, let's get on the positive tip with my --

Top 10 Favorite Public Figures of the Year 2002

10 (group).

The Funk Brothers, legendary Motown backup band, celebrated in a new movie.

9 (group).

Voice of the Faithful, Catholic reform group.


Howard Tate, legendary soul singer, rediscovered and ever-gracious.


Tony Pierce, blogger extraordinaire, currently posting from hell.


Randy Leonard, new Portland city commissioner.


Warren Zevon, facing the greatest challenge with courage, humor and concern for others.


David Letterman, for brilliant shows such as his night dedicated to Zevon (10/30) and the 9/11 anniversary. Spending Christmas in Afghanistan with U.S. troops was another thoughtful touch.

2 (tie).

Serena and Venus Williams, athletes and role models.


Bruce Springsteen, whose album The Rising expressed the complex emotions of the preceding year perfectly.

UPDATE: Identifications added 9:05 pm 12/30.

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