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Friday, September 26, 2003

Honor this!

Funny story in The O the other day about a, heh heh, slight breakdown in communications within the Oregon Republican Party. It seems the party is throwing a spendy fund-raiser tonight in the guise of honoring its living legends. Of course, St. Hatfield will have his ring kissed for the umpteenth time (maybe they'll give him some more $50 Steuben glass), but this time the good old boys (and girls) will also bestow kudos on Bob "Tongue" Packwood and a host of other luminaries of the Grand Oregon Past.

Slight problem: At least a couple of the honorees despise what their party's become and don't want to be associated with the event. Former statewide Republican leaders Clay Myers and Bill Rutherford, for example, aren't coming and wish their names hadn't been included on the honor roll. "I don't feel like I'm being honored," Rutherford told The O. "I feel like my name was hijacked."

Norma Paulus says she has other commitments, too, and she won't elaborate. Nor will Dave Frohnmayer be on hand. (Tom McCall won't be there to receive his plaque, either; on the contrary, he will doubtlessly roll over in his grave so many times he'll drill himself halfway to Idaho.)

All of which leaves egg on the face of the already-well-ovulated Kevin Mannix, the state party chairman who can't win a statewide election. He'll get to mug it up with Packwood and Jim Bunn -- some party.

As a registered Democrat who watches his own party fumble on a regular basis, I must say it's always reassuring to see the other side screw up now and then.


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