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Thursday, September 18, 2003

In hoc signo exit

My favorite jogging/biking route takes me down the street where Mark Kroeker, the recently ousted Portland police chief, lives. I've never been 100 percent sure which house is his, but one neat, clean brick house, which usually has a blue police cruiser with government plates in front of it, has always seemed the most likely candidate.

Tonight my deductive reasoning was validated: I noticed that there's a "for sale" sign in front of that house. Listed by Billy Grippo, a neighborhood realtor who prices 'em right and moves 'em quick.

Suddenly, that house looks really sad.

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Actually the Gripster's technique seems to be underpricing SO he can move 'em quick.

Check out track 11 on this cd: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004U9K2/ref%3Dnosim/shophub7-20/102-0240355-0498501

I think they're probably singing about this guy:


Ahhh. That makes a little more sense.

Pricing has a lot to do with perception. Arming oneself with a team of assistant Realtors who unwittingly believe that overpriced homes are a bargain is a real asset. It is always good to couple that with appraisers that like repeat business and mortgage brokers who stick with the game plan.

It is always best, with regard to pricing, to pay attention to rental value where an investor could buy a home and let the rent pay the full cost of payments. The market is a bit out of wack right now, but that will get fixed soon enough when the interest rates do as they did in 1979.

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