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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Buck-a-Hit Day Dec. 10

It's time for some year-end charitable giving. My wife and I have decided that we want to help some folks who don't have enough to eat. And so we're going to make some gifts to the Oregon Food Bank and the St. Philip Neri Parish Food Pantry.

How much? Well, that's where you, dear blog reader, come in.

For every visit to this site on Wednesday, Dec. 10, the Bogdanskis will donate 50 cents to the Oregon Food Bank, and 50 cents to the St. Philip Neri Parish Food Pantry, up to an aggregate total of $1,000. And so the first 1,000 visits that day will help feed hungry people in Portland and Oregon.

A "visit" will be defined as a visit to this site as counted by Site Meter. If Site Meter picks that day to go down, we'll use the much more complicated site statistics that my ISP provides. Obvious multiple hits by the same person within an hour of each other will be subtracted from the total.

Be sure to come back on the 10th and help break the bank. Egomania and charitable impulses will unite like never before.

Comments (9)

What a great idea!!! Would you mind if I borrowed it?

You can't copyright an idea.

That's a wonderful idea! Good Thinking!

You can't copyright an idea.

Shush! Don't tell that to the RIAA/MPAA or they'll buy a few more Democrats and change the law.

I am considering forwarding your proposition to Commissioner Sten...I am sure he would guarantee you meeting your $1,000 limit...Best Regards to you, your family and your readers for the Holidays.
Commissioner Randy Leonard

Randy: The more, the merrier. 8c)

I had a pretty hot e-mail exchange with Erik the other day. I can understand why he was steamed. He had just gotten snookered big time by Neil, and here I was sniping at the guy on this petty little blog. 'Tis the season not to do stuff like that. I'm going to try to take the high road, for the rest of the year at least.

Erik has done as all a huge service by pushing the whole PGE acquisition position by the city. Agree with him or not, he is tenacious and very determined. I believe that his efforts scared the hell out of Enron to the extent that they took the offer put together by Neil et al. I got his strategy within weeks of joining the council and I thought he was right on. I think given the right forum, you would agree as well. All the BS re public Vs private aside, the issue for me has been providing PGE customers with a reliable service at a price that is somewhat less than what a monopoly would command...and please don't quote the totally emasculated PUC as some imaginary firewall.....Randy

I'll be sending this entry to all my family back home in Oregon, and have them pass it on.



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