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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

PGE sold -- to Goldschmidt!!!

You couldn't make up a wilder story than this. Portland General Electric is going to be sold to a new private utility, put together by none other than former Gov. Neil Goldschmidt!

So that's the bombshell he was dropping on Mayor Katz a few weeks ago!

I am not making this up. Read all about it here, here, and here.

Memo to Erik Sten: It's over.

Man, this makes Neil's little civic-minded op-ed piece in The Oregonian on Oct. 31 look even greasier than it first appeared. Of course he didn't want the people's utility district to succeed -- if there were many, many dollars of potential profit for himself at stake. You would think he would have disclosed that in his message to the voters. Ick!

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It looks like Neil and company are minor players financially but major players as far as control. Does anybody know any more about this investment outfit, Texas Pacific Group? A quick google and it looks like they've been busy acquiring everything in the last few years from chemical companies to Burger King.


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