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Monday, December 15, 2003

I knew it

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The Devil always ends up beating his own servants eventually. I wish Sadam a long long life.

The $ 750,000 he got caught with would just about be enough to pay for 4 field level box seats. Enrique Wilson's salary for 2004 is also coincidentally $ 750,000.

I figured this loser to be a Cub fan. You know, lose a close playoff game, put the big load on and sleep in a hole.

A friend just pointed me to this pic... and as an expatriate Red Sox fan exiled in New York - and living just 6 miles from Yankee Staidum, no less! - I just have to thank you for making my entire week.

Just a reminder, you said you had a story about how blogging effected your work and that you'd tell it before the New Year. We still have 3 weeks, but I am hooked. Tell me a story Uncle Jack. Please.

I knew it all along. The devil is a Yankee fan. Had to be. It's just that the rest of him looks like a Cub fan.

This was obviously photoshopped by a Red Sox fan. I don't think he's won anything since 1918 either.

Thank God our brave executives were able to liberate Andy Pettitte from this ruthless minion of Steinbrenner.

I hereby make an exception to my opposition to the death penalty. Hang him high!

(KC Royals fan)

Perhaps if Saddam can hit the curve, Steinbrenner could take him on as another rehab project (along the lines of Steve Howe, Darryl Strawberry and Pascual Perez).

After all, they say that if Fidel had had a better fastball, he never would have had to return to Cuba to lead the revolution and become a brutal dictator.

are you guys sure this ain't Al Lieter?

I always knew!

(I am a Mets fan)

good one....we spent 100 billion to find a guy in a hole
and its the wrong guy.

bush should have bought some flu vaccines,
provided national health care, secured the
mexican/canadian borders, flare protectors
on airliners and doubled the troops in afganistan
with the 100 billion. dah

response from our son when he saw the pix

I still think he should win the Nick Nolte look-alike-contest.

Today in sports news the Yankee's signed all star pitcher and world bad guy Saddam to a multi-million dollar contract rumored to be 127 over 5 years...in other news...

Bejesus, he looks more natural in that Yankees hat than Hillary did!

tinkertoy, your son seems confused. That seems to be the right guy we found in that hole. The 100 billion actually was spent for a bit more than just finding the guy in the hole. Kinda simplistic of your boy, but that is expected from someone that young. What is he, four or five years old?

Given the recent Vatican embrace of Saddam, perhaps a Padres hat would be more appropriate.

Santa is a Yankees fan?! Waaaaahhhh!

BOy, Mo Vaughn looks like crap.

A response for your son:

"Headed simply 'Intelligence Items', and dated July 1, 2001, it is addressed: 'To the President of the Ba'ath Revolution Party and President of the Republic, may God protect you.'

The first paragraph states that 'Mohammed Atta, an Egyptian national, came with Abu Ammer (an Arabic nom-de-guerre - his real identity is unknown) and we hosted him in Abu Nidal's house at al-Dora under our direct supervision.

'We arranged a work programme for him for three days with a team dedicated to working with him . . . He displayed extraordinary effort and showed a firm commitment to lead the team which will be responsible for attacking the targets that we have agreed to destroy.'"


Hmmm. Maybe it was the right guy after all..

Just like a Yankees fan.

David Wells was found in Iraq?


Congrats on the fine job you've done indoctrinating you son.

Why let the facts get in the way of a good brain-washing, right?

This could be what Joe Torre will look like after the 2004 season if the Yankees don't win it all.

I hate the Yankees more than anything. They ruin baseball and watching them implode this upcoming year will be one of the greatest memories of my short life -- right up there with watching Steinbrenner make horrible offseason moves the past few months.

When did Steinbrenner rescind his ban on facial hair?

I say stick in a room full of Red Sox fans for a few hours and see what happens to him!!


Whoa, dudes... Jerry Garcia is a Yankee's fan? And isn't he supposed to be like... dead? or something?

Another fan has illegally jumped on the Yankees "bandwagon".

And Saddam's not even the most evil man in the organization.

Trade scenarios I'm willing to consider:

1. Veres, Alfonseca, Guthrie for Saddam
2. Izturis, Guzman, Neifi Perez for Saddam
3. Box of Popcorn Chicken for Saddam
4. The Matrix video game for Saddam
5. Swordfish the movie for Saddam
6. All 9 episodes of The OC for Saddam
7. Detroit Tigers Season Tickets for Saddam
8. The Chicago BlackHawks\Chicago Bulls TEAMS for Saddam
9. My job for Saddam
10. Aw fiddle-sticks...all of the above for Saddam

I bet he's younger than Jose Contreras!

I still say he looks like Santa Claus on a bad acid trip.

King George finally makes right, for the good of the whole country. "What are you talking about?," you may ask. Well, a long time ago a young man came to New York from Cuba with dreams of playing major league baseball. He supposedly had a decent arm. I'm almost positive he was a lefty, and who can't use more of those, right? Well, he got himself a tryout with the Yankees, but to his dismay, they said no thanks.

Did I say dismay? I should have said "to his seething, mind altering, irrational hatred indoucing despair." You see, that young man went on to become Fidel Castro, America hater, oppresssor of mafia profits (taxable by the U.S., under the best scenario), kidnapper of little kids named Elian, and I think he had something to do with some sort of missile thing-a-mawhatsy deal.

Now look at those pictures of Saddam as he crawled out of that hole. Note the beard. Now picture him with a little green hat instead, and a cigar and invading Grenada/Kuwait/Grenada...........

George did what had to be done, and for once, I thank him for it. Better late than never.

"I love New York, I just hate the Yankees."

To Buzz and Joe, regarding your sarcastic put-downs of young Tinkertoy: You're right, a substantial portion of that $100 billion was put to other uses -- like overpaying Halliburton and other cronies of the Bushies. (Keep on "indoctrinating" your son, Tinker family: you need a strong grounding in the truth to deal with Republican "logic," like a woman can't be trusted with decisions about her own body, but multi-national corporations can make decisions affecting all mankind without regulation.)

Anyway, can you blame Tinker for being confused: Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed him, a bad guy when Bush's daddy made war on him, a good guy when Cheney did business with him and a bad guy when Bush needed a "we can't find Bin Laden" diversion.

Here, here, Gordon. Tinkertoy: keep your son's eyes open. We'll need more like him in the future.

And I hate to see a Yankee's hat disgraced as such...;-0

So it's true: Brain Cashman's out.

Gordon, You speak as if you believe the US deliberately overpaid Haliburton.....it was an over-charge and the company will have to pay it back.

What "Republican logic" are you alluding to? You mention not trusting women concerning decisions about their own body, just exactly what would that be? Last time I checked abortion was still legal.

By the way, you show me a multi-national corporation that doesn't have any regulations it must obey and I'll pay for you to finish high school....

Sounds like you consider the Gulf War to be "us making war on Saddam". That's why Liberal Democrats are so much fun, they will always find a way to show how ignorant they are and say the dumbest things. If you can find a history book not written by a Liberal it would show Saddam invading Kuwait, not us invading Iraq.

If you can't find facts that support your position, just don't say anything. Twisting things around and making broad accusations just makes you look foolish.

Putting a Texas Rangers cap on this gent would have reminded us of the incompetence of Dear Leader W. Running a baseball team? Maybe not. Riding roughshod on a pony named "Preemptive"? Bring 'em on!

...wait a second. The guy comes out of a hole dazed & confused, holding a gun to his head,
with a chest full of cash saying "lets make a deal"...it MUST be the Red Sox GM !!!

BJ, are you really that naive? Republicans would like to make abortion illegal again, ergo -- they don't trust women to make decisions, etc, etc. Thank God for the Supreme Court continuing to protect that basic right to privacy, instead of returning us to the days of back-alley, botched surgeries and ruined lives as the Republicans would like to do.

Sheesh, get a clue. But what logic should we expect from a party whose collective beliefs include:

1) Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you're a conservative radio host. Then it's an illness and you need our prayers
for your recovery.

2) The United States should get out of the United Nations, while our highest national priority is enforcing U.N. resolutions against Iraq.

3) Government should relax regulation of Big Business and Big Money but crack down on individuals who use marijuana to relieve the pain of illness.

Lastly, I'm from Florida. Watching the Republicans stage a riot at the Dade County elections office to intimidate officials into abandoning their recount, hearing how polling places were moved without notice in black precincts and state troopers harassed poor people with identity checks before "letting" them vote was part of the most shameful abuse of power in American history.

No one ever saw Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro at the same time and at the same place did they?
Now we know why....


So this is Andy Pettitte's replacement. It just shows the truth of that old Yankee limerick:

There once was a Brenner named Yul
Whose head of hair was not full
And the Brenner named David
Is everyone's favorite
But the Brenner named Stein is a fool

This is exactly why I'm against political parties and affiliations. Not only do these labels allow people to be grouped together under a set of assumed beliefs, but it also prevents people from thinking for themselves. Making blanket statements like "Republicans would like to make abortion illegal again" is a perfect example of how these party labels allow opponents to group half of the population together, regardless of the veiled truth.

Tinker, hopefully you don't "indoctrinate" your child as an earlier post suggested. If you've properly raised him, then he should be able to think for himself - regardless of how those views align with your own. There's nothing worse than a parent, or teacher for that matter, being taken as the gospel by a child who was never taught to view all of the sides and make his own opinion. A prefect example of why racism still exists in this world.

Regardless, this post started out as a joke and you people have politicized it. Nice job.

Gordon, no, I'm not naive. While it is true a majority of Republicans are against abortion, not all are (I'm not). The problem I have with what you said is that you seem to be saying the only reason Republican's want to make it illegal is based on a belief that women can't be trusted to make their own decisions. Completely wrong! The majority of people who are against abortion are that way due to their religious/moral beliefs. They simply feel life starts at conception and that therefore abortion is killing a life. When did getting an abortion become a basic right? It isn't at all. Our rights are spelled out in the Constitution, nothing in that document can/should be read to say that getting an abortion is a right. The main problem I have is the women who use it as their primary form of birth control (it happens much more than you would think).

To answer your three items:

1. Being a drug addict is not a moral failing but is often a crime. It doesn't matter if your name is Rush or not. You fail to mention the multitude of Hollywood liberals who have been addicted over the years. Most of them also went into treatment and that was it, or do you conveniently forget them? If laws are broken to obtain the drugs or the drugs are not legal, yes, that person should be punished, regardless of who they are.

2. I also feel the US should get out of the UN. It is a useless organization that does very little in the way of real service around the world. What makes you think enforcing UN resolutions against Iraq is our highest national priority? That's a new one to me, haven't heard anyone saying that.

3. If the regulations that are relaxed aren't needed then why not? Regulations cause one main problem - they add to the cost of things. Maybe with fewer regulations there would be fewer companies moving their operations overseas so products can be made cheaper and we can continue to compete with the rest of the world in the matters of trade.

As far as the marijuana usage you mention. To me your statement is typical Liberal Democrat nonsense. Maybe you should check the laws of your city/county/state/nation......MARIJUANA IS AN ILLEGAL DRUG!!!!! DUH....

Just what number of recount was "rioted to intimidate officials into abandoning"? Was that the third recount or the forth? Also, you show me proof that polling places where moved without notice and "state troopers harassed poor people" and I'll give those statements enough credance to even discuss.

I'm a realist. I deal in facts. I spent 24 years in the US Military. You want to discuss/argue with facts I'd love it. If not, don't waste my time.

BJ, your facts -- and your grammar, for that matter -- are off base. To wit: marijuana use for medicinal reasons IS legal in my state, as it is in many localities arcoss the nation. And even if it was illegal, are you familiar with the term "civil disobedience"? Protesters against the Vietnam War also broke the law many times, as did the Freedom Riders and Martin Luther King who fought for voters rights in the South. Do you think they hould they have kept silent, too?

As for your grammar, there's no such party as "Liberal Democrats" (maybe in England?) Liberal should only be capitalized when it begins a sentence. You misspelled "credence," too (just a suggestion: try SpellCheck.) You can easily find backing for what I described as having occurred in Florida by checking the online archives of any newspaper. Oh that's right, I forgot -- the newspapers are all controlled by the "Liberal Media." Oh, well...

I could go on, but I actually agree with Craig; let's go back to baseball and Saddam.

Six miles from Yankee Stadium? Wah, you and several million others.

hahahahahaha i hate him now all we need to do is get fuckin bin laden. asses. kill em all, as metallica once said.

Hey Gordon Fenway, aka genius. What does hould mean? Maybe you have a bug in your version of spellchecker. Oh, and as for punctuation, your question mark goes within the quotes.

Nice try dumb*ss. Get off the booze and drugs. Probably a homo...like the Red Sox.

Hey, what's with all the Cubs hate? Can't we all just get along?

Actually, that's Saddam's reaction after Josh Beckett's masterful performance in Game Six. Sometimes life is hard.
Go Fish!

Just when you thought that son of a bitch was as low as he could be.....then he pulls double a whammy!

Whats all the fuss? We all knew Martha Stewart was a Yankees fan.

holy cow! that guy is trying to win the republicans over!!!

oooooooh, hey, thats the same asshole i threw my beer on at the pirate game this summer!

the dodgers are gonna win pretty soon.
anyway, i hope any team to beat the yankees!

Gordon, why don't you enlighten us with all the links to "articles" that claim to have "factual" reports on the "harassment" by state troopers, "moved" polling places etc. I watched interviews with people ( of course they weren't PAID to say b.s) who made claims as you did ( no facts), I watched DEMOCRATS try to expel federal-judicial appointed observers, and that "riot" was the observer re-entering the room with a federal marshall and the local cops (liberals) tried to push him back out. Back up your own statements, don't try to claim that you have a right to spout bull and others have to prove you wrong. What are you, a 12-year old girl? Are you going to hold your breath next? Sheesh. Oh, and Rush should go to jail just like all the liberals do when they go into rehab to break all their habits. Oh that's right, they've been doing it for 50 years and HOW MANY have gone to jail? 1 %, maybe?? That's what being fair and balanced is all about. Of course, you could emulate your idols and strap a bomb on and go kill some kids.

Santa in a bad trip acid?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......

You're right, there's nothing worse than a Red Sox homo. :-) Hey guys, thanks for proving my point about your level of intelligence.

All that anger -- did you forget to take your medication today?

Goodbye, Natalie.

Actually, Natalie, the question mark goes outside the quote if what is enclosed in the quote is not the question (as in Gordon's case).


He asked me, "When does the question mark go inside the quote?"

Have you ever heard of "civil disobedience"?

Only periods and commas go inside quote marks at all times; question marks, semicolons, colons, exclamation points, etc., depend on whether they are part of the quote itself or not.

Carry on, Gordo.

Thanks, Dan. And you, too, Mike. It's good to know there are some sane people out there.

Now that the Iraqi's have their freedom, we will see a lot more red sox fans.

Thank god for those republicans!

Gordon, and any other Democrats who are LIBERAL...

About what I expected from you and your breathren. Attack the messenger and how it was delivered since you can't prove anything you say.

I too shall leave this thread to the jokes about Saddam. I think we all agree it was a great day when we got him.

I'll go through 2004 looking forward to November 2nd knowing the result of the elections will show how out of touch the Party of the Democrat has become. I'm pleased that it seems to be going further and further to the left.

I'm done with you. See you at the polls. BTW, has the majority of Florida voters learned how to punch a hole in a piece of paper yet?

First Castro. Now this. 2 Tyrants that could have been prevented if only the Yankees would have signed them.

Hey Gordon, BJ, et al,

Why don't you take your stupid political discussion elsewhere? This page was set up to be a goof on the Yankees (and even as a diehard Yankees fan, I find it amusing). Political debates are all well and good, but they DON'T BELONG HERE.

Oh Dan and Gordon, aka the ignorant left...as usual, you commies are wrong. As in, "Isn't it wonderful to be a traitor?"

Check out this Exclamation Point/Question Mark

LEO: Literacy Education Online
Punctuating Quotations

When the whole sentence except for the section enclosed in quotation marks is a question or exclamation, the question or exclamation mark goes outside the quotation mark.

Which British writer wrote, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls"?

When only the unit in quotation marks is a question or exclamation, the mark goes inside the closing quotation mark.

The mediator asked, "What have you learned from this experience?"

When both the whole sentence and the unit enclosed in quotation marks are questions or exclamations, the question or exclamation mark goes inside the closing quotation mark.

What does Joseph Campbell believe happens when you "Follow your bliss?"

When using a parenthetical reference with a quote that ends in an exclamation point or question mark, keep the original punctuation inside the quotation and place a period after the parenthetical reference.

Kurt Koffka, a Gestalt psychologist, asked "Why do humans see their minds in terms of elementary parts?" (Gray 74).

Carry on Danny and homo...


Hey guys why don't forget about politics and drugs and understands once and for all that the YANKEES are here to stay. See notbody can ignored then, why because they are the BEST. I know it's painful for many outthere but why don't you guys do like I did swich to a team that wins every year.


Get a life.

And if he had a coke problem Steinbrenner would still take him back!


Jeez. First of all, most of what you quoted from the authoritative Literary Education Online supports exactly what Dan posted. Secondly, the example cited below does not support the rule cited:

When both the whole sentence and the unit enclosed in quotation marks are questions or exclamations, the question or exclamation mark goes inside the closing quotation mark.

What does Joseph Campbell believe happens when you "Follow your bliss?"

In the example, the whole statement is a question, but not the unit enclosed in the quotations marks. Joseph Campell is not saying "Follow your bliss?" Instead, isn't he saying "Follow your bliss"?


Lastly, you know the old saying: "When you hear the word 'homo,' you know there's an asshole around." When you grow up a little, you'll be ashamed of yourself, so we'll cut you some slack.

Saddam's signing by the Yankees seems to be inline with their offseason plan of making the team's average age around 40. Brilliant move.

Funny picture, btw.

Let's see... depraved dictator; runs everything as an autocracy; creates a regime of fear among his underlings, irresponsible with money....

Yep, the Yankees hat fits just fine.....

Go Marlins!

Gammons, thank you for saving the trouble of correcting this troubled, homophobic woman. Natalie, don't worry, people make far more egregious grammatical errors than this one. Unfortunately, your hatred of gay people bespeaks far more about you as a person than your misinterpretation of LEO.

Several of you have scolded any political contributions to this colloquy. I thank you for your complacency and your willingness to rather focus on the Fox network reality line up. Our post 2004 additional tax breaks ought to buy you just about any Midas brand muffler,(Installation not included) of your choosing. Appreciate your participation (lack of it really), hope you don't notice mine.
Richard "Bread and Circuses" Perle

The beard, the hat, the hovel... this guy obviously needs a Fab Five makeover. Call it Queer Eye for the Dictator Guy...

Right on, Gammons and Danny! Although I'm not gay, I've taken on the moniker Natalie bestowed upon me in tribute to all those who've been victims of prejudice from the likes of her...

And Gammons, I love your segments on ESPN and your Boston Globe articles.

A guy on the gay sports fan board I go to posted the URL to this thread. Great stuff.

We have a "Natalie" there. He seems to be as allergic to facts as she is.

And "homo" is soooooo '70's. Try something new like "shirtlifter" or use other oldies-but-goodies like "queer".

Well, what a fine job of ridiculing Saddam,

He was infact NOT FOUND, but kept as a hostage in that hole for weeks, even months, heavily sedated, traumatized, and probably beaten a little... but thanks to his own enemies (the Kurds) and the US Gov't, who negotiated this deal for $25 Mill (Ransom Money on his head - that's Yours and My Tax Dollars + 100 Bill, also Yours and My Tax Dollars) that were spent on capturing him, and for what? No weapons of mass destruction, no ties to terrorist activities (nothing proved yet), and now he is in US custody, waiting to be hanged... by the American's??? Pity, self pity I might add, let the Iraqi People decide what to do with this evil offspring of butchery, pillage, and death. He shall be hanged, if that's what they decide to do... but the US Gov't did NOT really capture him, these ass wipes couldn't clean their own asses if they had to... Only God will judge him, and judge he shall with NO pity!

But as STUPID and arrogant as We Americans are, we are always telling this world that we can do whatever we want, and take credit for shit we didn't even do, fine we sent the troops down there, and help the Iraqi people, but let's NOT forget that if it wasn't for the Iraqi people, NO ONE would have Found Saddam alive, he was a Ruthless animal, who would NOT have given in without a Fight!

But let the TRUTH never be told... (Oh wait, but "In God We Trust", so how can we NOT tell the truth to the American People, well, because the American people are STUPID to believe our truth in the first place, that's Why!)

We the people of the US can decide!!!

I am assuming the last post was humor. You are not really Madeline Albright in disguise, are you?

Did they really take Don Zimmer out of that hole George put him in?

Well, you're right about when you hear the word "homo" (like the quotes?), there's an asshole around. But somehow sperm swimming in feces never seemed the norm to me. Leave it to a couple of coastal queers to not only be unable to interpret the above correctly, but somehow think gay sports boards are great ideas. I think I'll start a website for a heterosexual sport's board.

Hey Jim (a homo), I'm curious. Do you look at a pair of hairy buns and say WOW!!! Dig in!!!!

See why I left him?!?! (Issues, capital I)

Seriously, Natalie old girl, aren't there other sites you can spew your "thoughts" on, like "IHateQueers.com" or "IDidn'tGetEnoughHugsGrowingUpSoIamTwistedand Sad.com." You really don't fit in on a site with civilized discourse.

Civilized discourse? Buwahahaha.

I thought the picture was humorous - but civilized? Red Sox, why is it libs don't have a sense of humor and can dish it out but not take it? Nice job with the quotes, though.

The first time somebody pulls their chain, they scream to high heaven. Try establishing a sense of humor - then you can preach to me.

By the way professor? What does hould mean?

Everyone, "Goodbye Natalie" is a guy. How do I know? I have my ways. And he talks about sense of humor, but he didn't think it was funny at all when I confronted his wife with evidence that he was my lover.


Jmontp-- You MORON--Better the Gov't spends 100+ bil of our tax money to uncover yet another despicable Yankees Fan than to spend it on Crack addicts on Welfare spitting out Crack Babies that will be on Welfare too!!!!

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." --John Stuart Mill

Take that you simp

"War is good for Big Business. Invest your sons."

-Abbe Hoffman

In which war exactly did John Stuart Mill fight? Cheney-Wolfowitz Chicken Hawk Alert!!

Dig in Robert!!! Nothing tastes better than a warm pair of sticky, fuzzy buns!

Let's hope Red Sox (the homo, not the team) goes the way of Abbe Hoffman...what a loser.

Come on, Natalie and Robert, I know you two crazy kids can work out your domestic dispute. Why don't you try getting on Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer? Natalie would fit in perfectly on those shows, as a poster girl for dysfunction.

Whoa..what a shithead

(Yankee Fan)

So anyways, since we've strayed so far from the original intention of this message board, lets get back to the basics...

The Yankees Suck. Saddam sucks. The two make a great team. Saddam has way more money than he should. The Yankees get paid way more than they should. Monopolization of a country. Monopolization of MLB. Connection, perhaps? Hmmmmm

Liberal. I absolutely hate this term used to describe democrats (which I am not one.) Esp. Al Gore of all people. He's about as far from liberal as Dubya himself. What a tool! There hasn't been a true liberal dem in the oval office since Carter. Clinton was a modest liberal, in my opinion. Not much difference these days among either party, however, this year's crop will make it interesting. If you look at the definition of "liberal" why wouldn't anyone be proud to be a liberal? It doens't mean you need to disband the military, be fiscally irresponsible or any similar radical notions. If "liberal" is the term used to describe today's democrat then maybe we should label republicans "autocrats."

1. favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
2. (often cap.) noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.
3. of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism.
4. favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
5. favoring or permitting freedom of action, esp. with respect to matters of personal belief or expression: a liberal policy toward dissident artists and writers.
6. of or pertaining to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.
7. free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant: a liberal attitude toward foreigners.
8. open-minded or tolerant, esp. free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc.
9. characterized by generosity and willingness to give in large amounts: a liberal donor.
10. given freely or abundantly; generous: a liberal donation.
11. not strict or rigorous; free; not literal: a liberal interpretation of a rule.
12. of, pertaining to, or based on the liberal arts.
13. of, pertaining to, or befitting a freeman.


1. an advocate of democracy.
2. a person who believes in the political or social equality of all people.


1. of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a republic.
2. favoring a republic.
3. fitting or appropriate for the citizen of a republic: a very republican notion.
4. (cap.) of or pertaining to the Republican party.

A person isn't "liberal" in the dictionary definition sense solely because they themselves, or someone else, calls them that. Why be proud to be a liberal if it's just a misleading label? For instance, I don't find most people who call themselves liberals to be "free from prejudice or bigotry" or "open-minded or tolerant" when it comes to viewpoints different from their own. Likewise, I don't find most Democrats to be demonstrable "advocates of democracy" or Republican necessarily to favor republics. They're just labels, usually chosen by the labeled, to suggest some conclusion about the labeled that their behavior does not compel.


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Most incriminating Saddam photo ever.... [Read More]

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