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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Nice move

Well, all right. The Portland City Council voted today to get the ball seriously rolling on a community center in my old neighborhood, the Buckman neighborhood, in southeast Portland. Bix (who's doing a tremendous job today, BTW) has the full story.

Apparently my comments about justice in social service siting for that neighorhood were echoed by Commissioner Francesconi before today's vote. It's all good.

The community center deal's still got a way to go, but for now, congratulations all around.

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About 2 months ago I got a sudden urge to exercise. As the weather was being whole uncoorperative at the time (read ice storms) my first thought was to go to a community center and work off some energy. Neurons snaps later I realized I had no such option in my local neighborhood and got a bit steamed. SouthEast is a great neighborhood that contributes in many ways to this town and I was p.o'ed that this city, with a reputation of fitness and livability, had not seen fit to install a community center here.
So I immediately called Portland Parks and Rec. I was patched through to the nicest guy, their Fiscal Manager, Gordon Wilson. He spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me explaining their budgetary process, how they had to have it prepared by fist week of February. We joked about the tendancy for some people when writing up budget requests (myself included) on first glance to ask for more than needed to ensure getting what you want. But he assured me that this was not only fically irresponisble, but created reprecussions throughout the city budget. He told me to keep it under my hat, but in regards to my original query, that they were hoping to buy the Washington High site to create a Rec Center and possibly a housing center.
With all that has happened yesterday my hopes are that the Portland Parks and Rec got their budget passed, and by perhaps not asking for a huge monetary increase, they also curried favor towards the actual continuation and actualization of my so much yearned for Inner SouthEast Community Center.
Also, perhaps my recent letter to Commish Fransescioni lamenting the size of my ass, and how I so much wished for a Rec Center to shave some of the poundage off, had an effect. Everyone working together to make Portland work- I love this town.

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