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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Sports corner

Now that the Trail Blazers have traded Rasheed Wallace -- whose picture appears in many sports dictionaries next to the entry for "head case" -- lots of former fans are returning to the fold.

I'm still having a hard time doing so.

The team still features (a) Damon "Stoner" Stoudamire, poster child for the Fourth Amendment and a pretty weak point guard; (b) Ruben Patterson, a registered sex offender; (c) Qyntel Woods, a guy with a known pot problem who drives without his license on him and offers a basketball trading card as ID instead; and (d) Zach Randolph, a highly talented young player who's been known to drive around alone on MLK Blvd. after midnight smoking some weed in his Cadillac SUV.

When the Blazers have parted ways with (a) and at least one of (b), (c), and (d), call me.

It may be a while.

Comments (3)

Here's my list:
- remove A, B, C & D
- win a championship, don't lose it in the last 5 minutes - like they do in every big game.

It's gonna be a long time indeed.....

I attended the game saturday night against the Celtics and the crowd was really into it. As for (a), he got the largest ovation of all starters though I assume that is only because he is a local. And as for Randolph, he is really young and an absolute force. No matter how much they are trying to clean up their image, I doubt they will get rid of him.

I can understand the disgust at the registered sex offender, but if you are waiting for an NBA team to be free of pot smokers, you will never be an NBA fan again. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. Bball just hasn't been the same for me since Larry Bird retired

Pot smokers don't bother me so much as STUPID pot smokers. Hanging out with old friends and shooting the shit about the world in chaos?-break out a pipe, sing that pirate chanty, be silly. That's fine by me.

On the other hand: not carrying a license when you drive and when you get pulled over, offer your business card instead?, smokin' the doobie a bit too much as in, on the addiction side of things?, trying to carry your pot through an airport check point in TIN FOIL?- Magic 8-ball says, "All signs point to STUPID".

I like my Bball teams to be smart. I have been a Kings fan for a few years now, and much as there are some negativities to that team also, at least they are adults. That's all I want to see- professional people playing professional basketball.

And to think I used to work for the NBA......

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