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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Pretty pointless profile

The Portland Tribune's front-page "day in the life" of Multnomah County Chair Diane Linn yesterday was the waste of a dead tree. She buys gum at 9:08 a.m.! She drinks nonfat lattes! Her daughter's getting braces on her teeth! All the breaking news. Oh, and her political career might be in jeopardy. You don't say!

One interesting facet of the piece was the attribution of all Linn's political woes to the gay-marriage flap. No mention was made of the library director salary fiasco (BTW, the new hire reportedly just bought a house in Dunthorpe), or of Linn's "snow day" blunder. Gay marriage casts such a long shadow that I guess those other issues are supposed to be quickly forgotten.

Perhaps the only tidbit of real news in the piece was this: The county income tax is being collected by the City of Portland Bureau of Licenses! This is the bureau that's currently in major turmoil, as City Commissioner Randy Leonard has unceremoniously fired its chief for poor performance. The bureau that's being criticized for doing nothing about its 30 percent delinquency rate.

This is who's going to bring in the big bucks for the county? Don't count that $128 million yet, folks.

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That's comforting to know about the tax. That means most of us could not pay the tax and they'll never track us down. Of course, if they were more effective, they'd NEVER HAVE TO COLLECT the county income tax. The Willamett Week had a piece the other week about how there might be up to $10 million in unpaid license fees to the bureau floating around out there. Almost makes a guy understand the Measure 30 opponents. Almost.

The Willamett Week had a piece the other week about how there might be up to $10 million in unpaid license fees to the bureau floating around out there.

Some of us had that 2-3 days earlier. ;)

Two things struck me about the Diane Linn profile. First off, I wondered how she was able to take time out of her busy schedule to tend to any county business at all. Secondly, not once during that busy day did she interact with any business people or concern herself with any matters of commerce.

"....The bureau that's being criticized for doing nothing about its 30 percent delinquency rate."

To be more accurate, the bureau that here-to-fore did nothing about its 30 percent delinquency rate....tax scoffers, beware.

And by the way, Jack, just exactly how much do you receive in revenue off this site? Please have your accountant get in touch with my office.

So far, I'm running what they call an NOL (net operating loss)!

Commissioner, if the Licensing Bureau needs a new billing system (and hurrah for you for getting the bureau moving again!), the Water Bureau would probably cut you a deal . . .

I have no doubt that your upcoming audit will confirm that....

Jeez, why pick on me? Can't you send the housing inspectors out to try to buy Serena's house?

Good One! That excellent come back got you offically dropped from the audit list....Randy

Now Isaac...regarding your snitty comment about the water bureau's billing system, I can't help but notice that you too have a Blog that may generate revenues.....

True, but Jack's blog is the best blog in Portland, and deserves primacy on your list.

I don't live in Portland.

And, Jack, what's wrong with a librarian living in Dunthorpe? I think she would be well-received; though a few of her neighbors might already have two sets of books.

Commissioner Leonard,
We are ready to enter negotiations concerning our BIT. How about ten cents on the dollar? I'll buy lunch!

didn't the Oregonian just run an article on the audit of MC's tax increase, showing the money has gone exactly as promised, and maintained the school standards it was projected to maintain? That was kind of a cheap shot at the levy.

The first year's levy hasn't been anywhere near collected yet. The jury's out 'til April 15.

It won't raise $128 million, that's for sure. I predict more like $90 million. With major scofflaw problems.


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