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Monday, March 29, 2004

The bloggers are taking over

Portland blogger extraordinaire B!x is profiled on the front page of today's Oregonian. Not much reaction from him on his blog yet -- he's probably too busy out there covering the latest fatal shooting of a civilian by police yesterday.

If you want to see him continue performing a valuable public service, be sure to click the guy's March Pledge Drive box and flow a few bucks over that way.

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How totally irresponsible...KGW's headline states that the police say they killed an unarmed man. The police didn't say whether he was armed. The cousin of the person shot said he didn't have a gun. Oh, okay.

It would be wise to withold judgement until all the facts are in. It would even better on KGW's site if they didn't lie in their headline based on a biased and most likely distraught source

Actually, the police have confirmed he was unarmed, according to the story KGW has up there at the moment.

And actually, as for where the Hell I disappeared to today, I of course had to go on my usually as-reported coffee and newspaper routine, and then I had to have the inevitable round of familial telephone calls, heh. I managed to miss the police news conference altogether, which is too bad because I was curious to see how Foxworth presented the details as opposed to how Kroeker would have.

When the story initially broke, am I the only one who was thinking, "Don't be a black person, Please don't be a black person."

And then when it was reported that yes an unarmed black man was shot thought "Damn! Here we go again."

Sure, b!x is on the front page of the O. But did you see that the Oregon Blog had an interview with a Democratic candidate from Klamath Falls! Wow--what excitement!

(Choking. on. sour. grapes...)


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