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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Lawsuit of the Week

An alert reader sends us this clipping:

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I thought that was an urban legend. Awesome.


"A runner-up prize, I am."

We first learned about this case in 1L Contracts with Prof. Steverson.

It is still one of the best cocktail-party-conversation cases we learned that year!

I sent a link about this story into my contracts professor this year...too funny.

I like how she and Yoda have the exact same expression on their faces.

For the non-lawyers (like me) I assume that her case was ruled in favor of the company ('verbal' promise, not written, ergo the misunderstanding was on the girl's part) and if she really wanted to get some dough, she would have claimed "mental anguish". Am I close?

Scott: No, click on the "trackback" -- I think the case settled, and she got the car.

Wow, the company actually did something decent in the face of being caught with their proverbial pants down. A bit expensive ("any Toyota on the lot"), but all things considered, nice.


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