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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Official blog sabbatical report

It turns out that five to six weeks away from here was just what the doctor ordered. An extended break provided many benefits.

During that time, my relationship with this blog and its readers became much clearer. I got ego strokes from many quarters, which was nice in its own way. Thanks to everyone who offered all the kind words.

As expected, after just a couple of weeks, I missed having the creative outlet. There were a few times when I could barely restrain myself from hopping on line and spouting off. Fortunately, I could let out little bleats here and there over on BlueOregon, which seems to have quickly created a life of its own. It's nice to be part of a blog team.

During the internet silence, I felt as though I had one less thing to worry about. Then I realized, I had actually been worrying about weblogs, which in the end doesn't make sense. There's a streak of perfectionism there that isn't healthy. And with a few extra minutes to catch my breath each day, I was able to reflect and see that this streak rears its head in many other aspects of my life. I need to lighten up a fair amount, and pay more attention to balance.

On the exterior front, we moved my home office (where the blogging rubber meets the road) from a second-floor bedroom, which is being taken over by our daughters, to the attic. This necessitated installation of climate control, a wireless router, new phones, and a new cable TV outlet, and I took the opportunity to switch over to a newer computer -- a speedy, inexpensive little e-machines model that puts my older Dell to shame. With the new desktop came new software, including Windows Movie Maker, a wonderful program whose possibilities seem endless. I bought some more bandwidth from my ISP to make room for what I hope will be many more media creations in the months ahead.

When the hiatus began, I was thinking that if I came back to blogging, it would be with a new set of personal groundrules that would assure its role as a relaxing hobby, and reduce its potential to be an additional stressor. As I ease back into it, though, I've decided that I don't need a bunch of new rules so much as an adjusted attitude. Writing is serious, it's important, but it's not that serious or important. Maintaining that "give-a-sh*t" attitude won't be easy for me, but it's the only right way to "get to that place where we really want to go, and we'll walk in the sun."

Last but not least, two weeks of the break were spent at the Jersey Shore -- a fabulous trip that deserves a report or two of its own. More on that over the next few days. Meanwhile, it's great to have this place to come home to.

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It's good to have you back.

Welcome back!! The withdrawals I experienced during your sabbatical were almost as bad as when I quit smoking. Now my days can once again get off to a thought-provoking start.

Jack, I give your four months before you discover some crippling flaw in you eMachine and start wishing you had spend double for a new Dell. But welcome back! Tell us what you think about the Kobe prosecution.

Is someone named "Kobe" being prosecuted?

Nope. Kobe is just being harrassed by an embarrased girl.


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