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Friday, September 10, 2004

One year ago today...

...we had a most interesting morning.

[Six-minute video; while bandwidth lasts.]

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Jack - you rock!

And congratulations to all involved for a job well done!

I just got through the whole thing, g-damn Jack, well done! And hats off to Rob (although your wife deserves the real praise).

That was wonderful to hear. I'm so happy you decided to share. And, of course, you're awesome, and your wife's awesome, and your 911 guy is awesome. Baby girl knows how to build the dramatic tension, too -- just the right pause before crying.


That...was...AWESOME! Well done, and congrats.

Damn you, Jack! You made me cry!

I'm gay and as might be expected have had no exposure to such a miracle. Thanks to all for sharing this treasure with me. I'm still crying. :)


Thanks, Jack. That is a wonderful moment to share. My wife misted up (and I think her biological clock accelerated too).

Congratulations. Only seventeen years 'til college!

Thanks to each of you for creating and sharing such an incredible event. Miracles do happen every day, when we have eyes to see...
Happy Birthday, Greta

Jack, I will never forget your call on the 10th last year. Just hearing about it then made me cry. Hearing it later on disc ..... made me cry. I figured it was because I was pregnant and my hormones were raging. Not so.... I heard it yesterday and it still...... made me cry.

Happy birthday baby girl. You are precious to us all and by all standards a true miracle.

I'm straight and I kinda found the call disturbing.

That was so incredible...and wonderful. I am still wiping away the tears...wow.
Good job and way to go Jack...and way to go for mom - NO epidural...that is amazing !!!

I work with Rob and he definately is a calm voice in a panic situation! Congratulations to Greta on the aniversary of her dramatic arrival!!
And to Mom and Dad also :)


Fantastic. Yes, as someone mentioned your wife deserves much praise, but you, too.

I've done the "drive fast to hospital" version. Nowhere near as amazing as what you did.

So going to leave tax law for med school, I hear?

Just don't let Greta near tax books until she's 18. hee hee


JIM - let me reiterate - NO EPIDURAL - the mom's out there will certainly agree with me.
So yeah - Way to go, Jack.
BUT C'MON - way to go JACK'S WIFE!!!!

Congratulations Prof B! That was nerve racking just listening to it! Good job, and happy birthday to the little one.


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