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Sunday, October 24, 2004

And here are your winning numbers...

Are you like me? Do you pay the "stupidity tax" now and then -- that is, play the state lottery?

I get into Oregon Megabucks when the jackpot gets big enough. And it's now the largest in state history -- nominally, more than $23 million. After taxes, it's probably something like $6 million plus in immediate cash.

The odds of winning the jackpot are roughly 6.136 million to 1, and you get two entries for a buck, and so I think the winner gets pretty fair odds when the jackpot's this big.

The next drawing is Monday night; if nobody wins there, we'll have another chance to be stupid on Wednesday and again on Saturday. Somebody's got to win it, and this could be the week.

If I win, I'll be sure to blog about it.


Comments (4)

I've succumbed to Powerball, but never to Megabucks.

Thanks for introducing me to yet another vice...

"If I win, I'll be sure to blog about it."

You're one of those industrious ultra-Americans who won't quit their day job when they win the lottery, eh? :) Thank heavens!

I guess the stupidity tax is the one tax politicians are not interested in lowering. The more revenue collected from the mathematically-challenged, the more they can cut taxes for the wealthy.

And it's not just the politicians, Dave. The people. "Don't tax thee; don't tax me; tax the guy behind the tree."

Almost (not quite) the only taxes Oregonians have been willing to increase in recent years are taxes on the relatively poorer & stupider. The lottery and cigarette taxes.

It's a piss-poor and spectacularly dishonest and irresponsible way to fund public services for the public at large.

In my (not humble about this at all) opinion.


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