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Friday, November 26, 2004

O yeah

OregonLive, the weak website run by the folks who bring us The Oregonian, has got bloggers on it these days. I've mostly avoided them because, well, blogs run by The O? How backward.

But lately I've been catching someone named Chris Snethen over there, and I'm liking what I'm reading. Snethen is down in the Mountain Park section of Lake Oswego, where I spent my Divorce Detention Camp period. He's got opinions, he's not shy about expressing them, and he writes well.

So check him out.

Comments (4)

Hypermedia is pretty good over there, too. I just *hate* having to deal with the advertising and the wonky unfriendly navigation.

FYI, they aren't run by The O. The newspaper and the website are different entities, although ultimately both owned by Advance.

To me it's all from the same journalistic Velveeta factory.

Thanks for the kind words. They made my day. Hopefully I can maintain a flavor distinct from Velveeta.

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