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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Maybe he thought he could keep a low profile

Remember Richard Hatch, the pudgy naked guy who won the first "Survivor" show on TV? Incredibly, he allegedly didn't report his million-dollar prize on his tax return, and now he's being charged with tax evasion.

Make up your own joke on this one. "No tax immunity," said one headline. But surely we can do better. Let's get to work on a Top 10:

10. The last one left on the island -- Rikers, that is.

9. Reality TV, meet reality.

8. Maybe Rudy will offer to go to jail for him.

7. Survival of the dumbest.

6. Now he can form an alliance with Martha Stewart.

5. Nobody told him Kelly's father worked for the IRS.

4. At least he gets to drive to prison in a brand new Pontiac Aztek!

3. Where he's going, he'd better keep his clothes on.

2. Under the new federal sentencing guidelines, he may have to do time on "Law and Order."

1. I hear Regis ratted him out.

Huh. Not as easy as it looks. Help us out here, people.

Do you think CBS put him up to it to boost ratings? Nah -- that would be a crime.

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How about:

Survivor Nudity Enthusiast Chafed By IRS Brief

(Borrowing from the smoking gun description)

"But I cleared it with Dan Rather."

That is so stupid. I actually know a guy who won a million dollars (okay, he split a million dollars) on a reality show, and suffice it to say, it's not like they don't think about taxes. It's sheer idiocy/recklessness, because . . . what's he going to say? It didn't occur to him to report it? That fool.

I predict a convergent new jail house reality series:
"The Bachelor behind bars She Male Competition"


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