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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Promise moves on

Portland Tribune urban issues columnist Promise King announced yesterday that his career as a pundit is over. He's moving on to other things, including writing one or more books.

It's always a drag to lose an intelligent local commentator, and particularly sad in this case. See you around, we hope, Promise.

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The Trib's loss is our gain. I'm happy to say that Promise will be joining our staff in May.
Jeff Cogen
Chief of Staff
City Commissioenr Dan Saltzman's Office

Gone over to the dark side. Too bad.

gee, thanks

Hey, guy, just a joke. I should have added one of these:


I wish Promise well in your office, and I think you were smart to scoop him up. I am always a little sad, though, when one of the people with a critical eye on our troubled local government stops telling us what's going on.

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