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Friday, April 1, 2005

Welcome aboard, new contributors!

As mentioned here a while back, there have been some major changes in the works for this blog, and after weeks of preparation, we're unveiling them today.

Specifically, we've decided, like so many blogs these days, to make this more of a team effort. Given the success of group blogging (or, as some call it, "gang blogging"), such as with Portland MetroBlogs and BlueOregon, the advantages of having multiple contributors are obvious. More voices, less work for each person.

This is not a decision that we rushed into. As regular visitors here know, we take great care with each and every post that we bring to you, our readership, and so it was with the utmost diligence that we sifted through the possibilities and made offers to only a select few cutting-edge writers and thinkers. We're pleased to note that our four top choices all said yes and will be joining us here shortly. In the meantime, we're proud to introduce them to you.

First, we have Molly Bordonaro, who we hope will supply long-missing Republican and feminist perspectives. Molly, as you will recall, is a rising star in the local GOP, and she'll be keeping us up to speed on her favorite issues, such as the death penalty and the national sales tax. She'll also give us some insight into the Portland Family of Funds, on whose board she serves. That little outfit is a ray of sunshine -- just another example of the Portland spirit of People Helping People with No Thought for Themselves.

Second, and this was a major coup, Randy Gragg (right), the architecture and development critic of The Oregonian, will be joining our pages on a regular basis. Randy will be keeping us posted on all the exciting changes going on in the Pearl District and the South Waterfront. He has also promised to mention occasionally the decay of the other neighborhoods, such as NW 23rd Avenue, whose moments in the sun are coming to a close as the hipsters move on.

We are particularly excited about our third new player, Jack Peek of Southeast Portland. As readers know, Jack has been an enthusiastic commenter on several blogs around town, and his gentle, lighthearted touches are well known for their ability to defuse tense situations and promote harmony. Jack will be covering issues relating to providing social services to those among us who are most in need.

Finally, we are thrilled that Archbishop John Vlazny will be contributing a piece from time to time on spiritual matters. Among the topics that he's looking forward to covering in upcoming posts are the Catholic doctrines of Preferential Transfers, Lien Priorities, "Springing" Trusts, and the Automatic Stay.

We know our readers will join us in welcoming these fresh new voices to our little corner of the blogosphere.

Comments (23)

That's awesome Jack. Scoring the Archbishop was a major coup. I'm impressed. I knew you had connections within the Catholic church, but I didn't know they went that deep. Let me be the first to welcome all these new contributors on board.

Wow. As usual, I'm in awe of your power to bring us all under one tent in harmony and/or peace...

It's tough, but with the Pope down, somebody's got to do it.

Given the time stamp on the post, I'm not sure if I should be enthused, or just laugh. I'll wait until April 2nd.

Until I read your descriptions, I thought that Mr. Gragg's picture was that of a Pearl District developer before the City votes him a massive property tax break, and Mr. Peek's picture was of the same developer immediately after the vote.


So it must be sort of a comedown for you to go from "the bright light" to a dude who's going to blog in the shadows of these giants.


(btw - I do get it)

Ever since Gragg referred to the Tram opponents as "anti-Tram extremism" he fell into the pit of the hopeless. IMO

I'm honored, My goodness, but if I don't like someones post against my position...CAN I SUE THEM, like other folks say they will do?

PS..not an April "FOOL" joke.

I think this blog just jumped the shark...

Is Peek threatening lawsuits now? Ooh, please let that happen. There's a court case I'd love to cover.


You guys are supposed to be so tolerent, where is your sense of humor?

Take a PILL!

Of course, nothing in my comment revealed one way or the other whether I was taking it was a joke or not.




Now now, fellows.

As a "newby" here I would love to comment on the little "quick qoutes" area of the paper this morning.

The gentlemen was outraged at the idea that some of us were still "gloating" with our BUSH bumper stickers, it was pass time to remove them since we won the election.

Lets strike a deal, you guys take off the KERRY stickers and stop whining, then remove the "KEEP PORTLAND WIERD" ones, then we can talk.

I doubt Jack Peek wrote that last post- there are no spelling or grammatial errors and each thought is expressed in a coherent fashion. Perhaps he's hired a secretary??

(1) Be careful about making spelling or grammar jibes. They almost invariably end up having spelling errors in them, which in fact they did here ("grammatial").

(2) As for the premise that Jack's comment contained no such errors:

"gentlemen was outraged"
"it was pass time"

(3) I don't list Jack's spelling or grammar errors to slam Jack, but because I find it amusing that Lily's jab at Jack's normal spelling and grammar and how they weren't present this time was, in fact, wrong (and also itself contained spelling errors).

Anyway, carry on.

That's what I love about you guys, always missing the message and trying to kill the messenger.

Lily...B!X, two "peas" in a pod.(PLEASE CORRECT AS NEEDED)

My spelling error was caused by the fact that I need new glasses. After the last election was stolen again back in November, I received an "anonymous" email that was obviously from Jack Peek (entire words and phrases capitalized, fragmented sentences, and rampant paranoia). Jack's little missive crowed about Bush winning the election and called me (and whomever else the email was directed to) "hippie losers". Nice, huh?

I forgot to mention that Peek got my eamil address from this bog, and sent the email to a number of people who post here. Get a life, Peek.


That's what I love about you guys, always missing the message and trying to kill the messenger.

That's what I like about you, Jack. Taking something that wasn't an attack on you and seeing it as an attack on you.

Yeesh. Do you only read the bits of people's comments that will get you all lathered up, or do you read them in their entirety?

Jack B. U R 2 Funny for words.


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