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Thursday, June 2, 2005


As longtime readers of this blog may recall, some time back we had a new electrical service installed in our home. Despite this, our lights kept blinking, not only when our own air conditioning came on, but also when our next door neighbors' a.c. came on. It certainly seemed that the problem was out on the power pole, across the street, which services both our houses.

We called the friendly folks at Pacific Power, and much to our surprise, they're supplying a new transformer. Not only that, we get a new pole, and who knows what all else. The new pole (far right) was erected yesterday, and they've already moved the main power supply wires atop the pole (now attached to the new one). The new transformer will replace the old one (on left pole) tomorrow. Presumably the street light and other wires (cable and phone) will migrate soon as well. And with that, I hope, the blinking will cease, and we can stay on good terms with the power company in its new Buffett (Warren, not Jimmy) era.

So far, the folks at Pacific have been super. It's taken a long while for them to get to this, but it hasn't exactly been an emergency, and now it looks as though (knock wood) a solution to our annoying little problem is near.

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I got a new transformer 5 years ago when a squirrel tested his body conductivity across two terminals. After the loud boom and some 3 hours, we had electricity again - not bad for a Sunday morning.

Picture your predicament under a city controlled PGE. First, they'd have to form a blue ribbon commission to study it. Then they'd have to hire a consulting form to help them figure out how to do it. The planning commission would have to draw up a plan so that the new pole would blend into the "streetscape". And finally, they'd have to hire a $200.00 per hour management coach to get the linesman properly inspired to climb the pole and hook things up.

oops.. typo... I meant consulting firm.

"...Picture your predicament under a city controlled PGE."

Now, Dave lets see what would happen with your buddies at the Enron controlled PGE...

Jack calls and complains. Two guys in the energy room are taped saying

"That effing Jack Bog wants his transformer traded out....yeah, right! Well get to him right after we take care of that little old lady that’s bitchin her electric bills too high! Ha, Ha...Well, maybe we should take these two calls and ship ‘em to the PUC and ask for another 48% rate hike…well get it! These guys in Oregon are such saps..."

Touche, Randy. You got me.

My pleaure.

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