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Saturday, July 9, 2005

All in!

My nephew, the oldest member of his generation of descendants of my parents, has survived the first round of the main event at the World Series of Poker -- no limit Texas hold 'em -- currently under way in Las Vegas. He is one of the very, very youngest players in a field of more than 5,600, and he's such a smart and shrewd fellow that I believe he's got a long way to go. They'll be down to 1,700 by the end of the day, with him included. So what if he's got only $9,250 left? The sky's the limit!

Go get 'em, Gary!

Comments (7)

Would this be Cousin Gary's son?

(Seems logical.)

Er, I guess that would be Jim's Cousin Gary, but you mean what I know. :)

Yep, one and the same. All chips off the same block. Speaking of which, how's your new one?

Good continuum. (is that a word?)
Fits well with the city playing fast and loose craps with the taxpayers money.

good luck to NephewBog

Hey, with $9250, he's just barely below the legendary David Sklansky! And hell, he's got 1/6 as much as Dutch Boyd. I'd take 1/6 as much as Dutch Boyd anyday. Go Bog-boy!

She's doing great, thanks for asking.

Next hurdle: sleeping through the night!

That is seriously cool. WTG, Gary!

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