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Monday, August 8, 2005

PDX mystery

What's the deal with the elevator from the main concourse at Portland International Airport down to the "A" gates, where Horizon Airlines flies in and out? It's always got the distinct smell of cow manure.

It's not all that unpleasant, really -- faintly reminiscent of a visit to a petting zoo or the circus. But where did that odor come from, and why is it so persistent?

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Have any politicians been delivering speeches there?


Perhaps that is near the area where Tillamook Airlines parks their Honey Wagon?

Next time you go out of town, take the Dog. You'll get lots of funny smells.

I didnít think many people used that elevator. It would take longer to wait for the thing than to take the escalator next to it.

Maybe it's some subliminal messaging -- so that as the airlines treat us more and more like cattle, we'll already be comfortable with the concept.

that elevator is where the pdc concocts all their new development plans, so of course it has the faint smell of horse sh**

When I was managing the elevators in public places, the folks monitoring the cameras in the elevators used to observe two types of barnyard activities on a regular basis.

On the Banfield Light Rail, the elevators were used as a place to relieve natures call, which I would think would be rare at the airport where there are ample public comfort facilities. The floors had to be heavy duty stainless steel plate because the salty fluid rusted them through on a regular basis.

The other call of nature that occurred at a regular basis was sex. Prostitutes would use them and hit the stop button mid-floor. This would be my guess for our remotely located elevator at the Airport.

Since both replicate barnyard activites of the resident cattle, that would be my best guess.

You might want to take the stairs in the future.

I was on the elevator because I was with a stroller.

Trust me, the smell is not human excrement. Decades of using the downtown Portland parking garages have made me quite expert in identifying that. This is four-legged.

Perhaps that is where the allow people to bring their pets that are travelling with them (because it is generally dangerous for them to ride escalators)...or it could be the elevator that the search dogs use...

I've smelled a lot of dog, but this is more country than a dog. Maybe a barnyard dog?

Way back in the day, I worked for a car rental outfit near Mall 205. They did replacement vehicles for the insurance industry. One day a customer drops off a vehicle and my boss has me go out, inspect it, and get it ready to send back out. It was a Toyota Corolla. The backseat had been folded down and the entire tunk and backseat were covered with straw and animal feces. Someone had been hauling livestock in the car. I went back in to alert the boss and let him know I was taking the car out of service and sending it out to be detailed. He told me he'd already rented it out and to vaccuum and spray some new car smell inside. Needless to say, it was my last day in the car rental business.

that whole area of the airport is pretty crappy, really, in an otherwise pretty nice airport.


I think Steve Johnson, PDX media relations manager, needs to get a call from you about this. Make him work for his pay figuring this out.

Welcome back.

Eric: Thank you, good idea, I sent him a link to this entry.


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