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Monday, September 5, 2005

Are these people's 15 minutes over yet?

If you can handle a somewhat slow pdf load (and I do mean load), dig this:

"Ambition is still a little bit of a dirty word in Portland," he says. "For some reason, people get here and they slow down. And they get stoned a lot."
The Stennies show up on this blog and criticize me for being "down on Portland." But then they fall all over pretentious "geniuses" like this who are just duping them.

Maybe these two need a grant from Harvard, and they can go resume sitting around with their good buddy the architecture critic and telling each other how wonderful they are. (Via My Whim is Law.)

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I had a business lunch at the Gotham restaurant once. It wasn't my choice and I had never heard of the place before. I wasn’t too impressed. Weird place, weird food, and weird people. I really had to search for something I could eat. I'll never go there again. Buuuurrrrpppp!

Right after clarklewis opened, my wife and I stopped off for dinner after spending the day tasting Pinot Noir out in Yamhill County. On the wine list at clarklewis: not a single Oregon wine. As the waitstaff explained: "we only have wine that fits our vision". Indeed. I guess we decided right then that clarklewis didn't "fit" our idea of a place to spend our time and money.

They apparently have an absolute fixation on portion control, and the game is to get the customer to think that's a sign of quality. My main problems with them at the moment, however, are the relentless hype and the "too-cool-for-Portland" attitude. I ate at Family Supper a couple of times. It was fun, but if this is what's behind it, I think I'll get a regular meal somewhere else instead.

Hey - sorry for the slowness, but you're traveling all the way to NYC to get that PDF, don't you know!

Right-click instead to download your own precious copy - then dump it in your recycling bin when you're done, ok?

Both the Gotham and clarklewis are the two most pretentious and over=priced for what you get places to eat. I mean $50 for tow for lunch with only one glass of wine at clarklewis!!!

BTW, Mr Bog - Sorry for off-topic, but I am fuming - The latest PDC project, the Conv Center Hotel. Only $100M of public money and no prop taxes for 30 yrs. I believe these are the same people who get in a bind about Paris Hilton benefiting from an estate tax. I am in the process of writing PDC.

Portlanders aren't fond of pretension??!! Unabashed drivel & deceit. They've loved and flocked to nothing more madly at least since Zefiro's, no? "Self-conscious simplicity?" The oxymora is boundless. Retch!

Of course they have no plans to leave Portland- here they are big fish in a small pond. What utter pretention.

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