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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Yes, he is

A picture may say a thousand words, but this screenshot says millions.

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You regularly post insightful and well argued commentary and analysis on all sorts of local issues. You examine policies, point out their flaws, and shed light on the politicians are pushing them.

But on George Bush all you seem to do is take pot shots. Clever as they might occasionally be, I for one would welcome the same kind of discussion and analysis about Bush policies here on this blog as you do with local stuff.

Let’s be fair, Jack. Katrina did take our minds off of how badly things are going in Iraq. Did you see George’s parents on Larry King? It was like a bad parent-teacher conference. “I’m sorry to drag you in here, but Junior screwed up again and we have to talk.” Then of course they trotted out Dick Cheney, the tough-sounding chicken-hawk. The bravest thing Dick Cheney ever did was have his cholesterol checked. New Orleans needs giant sandbags so Bush sends a giant windbag. Finally the teacher half of the parent-teacher conference, Laura, emerged to defend her husband. Criticism of her husband is “disgusting.” Well, Laura, what’s that make your mother-in-law’s comments that somehow the underprivileged caught a break here? Then it’s back home to await the next cataclysmic failure of leadership from the mediocre student who became king. How about another preemptive war for all the wrong reasons?

And why should such horrendous screwups and incompetence be dignified and distorted by treating them as if they were worthy of serious discussion or debate? We get enough of that in the "press".

Another thought -- with Katrina diverting our attention from Iraq, I guess we have the late Chief Justice to thank for the ultimate dog wag.

"How about another preemptive war for all the wrong reasons?"

Right, it can always get worse. Our befuddled president can still get us into a nuclear war. He can ride out the chaos in luxury and isolation in Crawford, while everyone else eats each other like zombies. I'll be heading straight to Dunthorpe to get mine. ;)

Rob K., you've just arrived here too late. Click on my "Taxes" archive, and you'll see what I think of Mr. Bush's tax "policies." Click on the dated archives from, say, June through November 2004 and you'll see what I thought of some of his other "accomplishments." I also posted quite a bit about the compassionate conservative in 2004 over on BlueOregon, where I was a regular contributor at the time.

When America was dumb enough to sign up for another four years, I quit wasting my time.

You'll also see that I hated the Kerry candidacy, although I did what I could to support it once it became inevitable. I thought John Edwards might have been able to beat Bush, if he could just get past the Ted Kennedy and Al Sharpton types who were holding him back.

In a couple of years, I'm sure I'll have plenty of substance to say about the Other Bush, or whichever other neocon darling you guys put forward to occupy the Oval Office. I hope you pick one with a better IQ than this one.

The assessment of this blog isn't quite fair. Bog takes pot shots at local leaders too!

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