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Friday, December 2, 2005

Oprah, Dave; Dave, Oprah

Just finished a Tivo viewing of Oprah on Letterman last night. A great night for both of them. Dave was as gracious as we knew he would be. I'd really never paid any attention to Oprah before, but now I'm a believer about her, too.

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Can't wait to watch it myself this weekend. I saw the little video blurb on the Lateshow website and you could tell Dave was about to cry with happiness. I hope it doesn't take another 16 years for them to get together.

It was one of the best Daves. Maybe not quite the post-9/11 show or the Warren Zevon farewell, but right up there.

She is ridiculous, unless she gives me a car!

You've got to be kidding me. Dave's lost his edge, and Oprah was just shrilling for her new Broadway show. I like both Dave and Oprah, but this event was way overhyped.

Excellent show. Oprah's story about breaking her glasses was hysterically funny!


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