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Friday, January 13, 2006

So much for that

O.k., so now that he's got your attention, Kitzhaber's not running for governor. No surprise there.

I'm assuming this means that Walker and Sorenson will resume whacking on Kulongoski. Can't say he hasn't given them a lot to talk about. And they've still got four months to have at him.

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Jack wrote (back in early Dec):
"Tough call for Vicki. And if I'm right about what's really going on here, a slithery move by Dr. No."

You called it correctly!

So will the snake endorse Ted or Vicky? Niether, I bet.

I think he'll endorse Ted and put in for the OHSU job.

I'm glad he didn't run. My worst nightmare was him winning the primary against Ted and then pitching some sort of crazy huge taxpayer-financed healthcare scheme that would have allowed Mannix to run "OMG he's going to triple your taxes!11!1!" ads for five months straight.

If the Republicans run Mannix again, they are not too smart.

I don't know if they have a choice in the matter--Mannix totally controls the party machinery now. I'd love to see Ron Saxton as the nominee, but Mannix appeals to the fundies who get out and vote in the primary.

Are Mannix and Kulongoski really the best Oregon has to offer? Really!???!

I'm getting depressed.

Walker vs. Atkinson would be a great race. But that's a pipedream, I'm afraid.

"If the Republicans run Mannix again, they are not too smart."

By contrast does that then make the Democrats with Ted as governor smart?

I have seen ted demonstrate much that was smart

Atkinson has energized many in the Republican party and is awesome on the stump. He stands a chance at taking the primary and has alot of support from the "party machinery" (though I think your confusing the decentralized Republican party with the democrats fundraising establishment as our "machine" isn't exactly a machine).

His current campaign reminds me alot of Howard Dean early in the presidential. But to do this on a local state level is completly differnt than Dean. It sustainable and much more rare to energize people on a face to face basis.

I'm excited about Atkinson and I beleive he can pull the primary if he can keep momentum working the state handshake by handshake.

If the Democrats manage to lose to Mannix, they're really not smart.

Just try saying it once for fun. See how noble it sounds? Itís as if molecules of reason are drawn to the patterns in the air. Say it again, but this time with more emphasis. Now say it a third time and believe it: Governor Jack Bogdanski.

Hell, I'm not even master of my domain.

>>I'm not even master of my domain.


Well, If Jack ran at least we might have a personal income tax code that anyone could file their taxes without seeking software or professional help. I think having a tax attorney as a state Legislator would be a huge opportunity for the state though.

No thanks -- but you have an excellent tax and pension mind in there already in Greg Macpherson from Lake O.

And you can soon have a tax lawyer on the state supreme court if you want -- or at least, a former one. Jack Roberts is an ex-tax jock.


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