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Sunday, April 30, 2006

My night as a rapper

I got metaphors that you ain't ready for. (Wardrobe by Nolee and Charlie.)

Comments (11)

#1 in the Hood, G!!!

This and the amazing tax code set to music will have to go down in Portland history.

OK, you *did* see "Bulworth," right? Oh, wait, maybe that was you *in* "Bulworth."

Lookin pretty hip there rap-master J-Dawg-Danski. But where's your posse???

The appropo posse might make a cool photoshop remix?

Buss a move...

Next Halloween, you can be Jackie Walnuts.

Straight outta Riverview!!!! Boyyyyyeeee!

oh. my. goodness. bojack, what's come over you?? i'm so... confused and disturbed... and frightened...

what, no blackface?

Nope. There are many white rappers.

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