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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Where my thought's escaping

We've been blogging only sporadically, and from a secure remote location, for more than a week now. We hit the road before the first fraudulent ballot was opened on End-of-Election Day, and we've stayed loosely in touch courtesy of bootleg wireless service, mostly from people we don't know.

As is our custom, while we now return to the rainy Rose City, we give our readers a chance to identify our travel spot. Our friends have proven so good at this recently that we're going to give only one hint this time: This place has got the most appropriate area code in the nation.

Comments (14)

Sadly, not as secure as you thought!

Hope you're enjoying Florida, with its 321 area code.

Or, more specifically, the area near Cape Canaveral...

We'll guess Atlanta.

unfortunately by using others wi-fi you seem to have opened your blog to porno sites!


352 = "FLA" on the telephone, but Gainesville?

I assume the porno links are due to a "sniffer" program and not of Mr Bog's origin.

Lexington Kentucky? Area Code = 859 = UKY. University of Kentucky is in Lexington. Of course, the area code may be lucky, but being in Lexington might mean Your luck has run out.

Oh this is too easy. Area code is 666 and you're in Washington DC. What? That's not their area code?

Jack: I thinks I detects a wee bit of self obsession ... you obviously think we are all very interested in your whereabouts.

"Where's Jack blogging from?!!"

On the top of our minds every day!

It's all about you, Jack.

I love it when people come here and dis themselves by critiquing the content. If you don't like the topics discussed here, please go away and don't come back.

unfortunately by using others wi-fi you seem to have opened your blog to porno sites!

No, jut run-of-the-mill comment spam. It doesn't matter where I'm blogging from.

Here's a sure-fire way to the answer. Last evening we all said, "There it GOES!"


Uh-uh. One of the commenters got it. Think GOES-N.

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