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Friday, June 2, 2006

Benefits for Curtis

They're throwing a benefit bash for ailing Portland R&B master Curtis Salgado in Spokane this weekend. Curtis is set to perform there tomorrow night.

Good luck with it, everybody.

It looks like Oregonians will get a chance to catch a bigger version of the same vibe on June 13. The Steve Miller Band, Taj Mahal, Robert Cray, Everclear, the Phantom Blues Band, and Little Charlie & the Nightcats are scheduled to play in Portland, along with the Curtis Salgado Band, at the "Concert for Curtis." That's a week from Tuesday, starting at 7:30 in the Rose Garden.

Tuesday night? Hey, consider the reason.

Comments (3)

Count me in! And for a good cause.

Jack, what really is missed by a lot of the reporters who cover Curt is that he is probably the best white blues singer in history. No one else had that range of soul, that mix of grit, that unbelievable timbre of voice that he was born with. He can actually sound like BB.
A lot of performers had the desire but not the talent. Curt has both. He researched OV Wright and other deep soul singers from the South, as well as classic blues guys from Chicago, etc.
That put him on a different level from most blues guys.
We should all buy tons of tickets to this event.
Go Curt, Go!


Anyone happen to know what percentage of the tickets will actually go to help Curtis? With the exorbitant fees added by Ticketmaster, I'd get more satisfaction knowing 100% of my funds would help him.

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