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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Give it to me

It's taken nearly 30 years of living here in Portland, but I've finally reached that point. I remember how, when I first moved here, I marveled that some of the old-timers were so adamant about this. But now I get it: I WANT HEAT, and as much of it as Portland climatology can dish out. 100 degrees in late June? No problem. I've been freezing and wheezing my sorry old butt off all winter and spring. I've fought off SAD, colds and molds of every kind, foot fungus, hydroplaning down our substandard roads, mushrooms growing out of the siding on my house, green slime and actual lichens growing around all the molding on my car -- enough! I need a dose of L.A. weather, Vegas even, and quick. And if it persists for three months instead of three days, I'll deal with it. I'm fortunate enough to have many avenues of heat relief at hand. I'm a geezer with a.c. So BAKE ME, SOL!

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Right on, Jack.

You can always tell a transpant, because they will say they like the rain.

Growing up here, I spent my teen years dreaming of the day I moved to Malibu. (Got over that 25 years ago when I lived in Venice, CA).

As for the heat, all I can say is "Bring it on."

One hundred fourteen (according to my car) this afternoon down here in Vegas, Jack.

But it's a DRY heat. ;-)

So come on down... there's plenty of Oregonians around here, judging from the license plates I see around town.

Definitely one of the things I least miss from PDX was the 90+ degree days with 50-60% humidity and NO a/c in my apartment. Four or five days in a row with no sleep really gets to ya after a while...

But give me 114 during the day for brief periods of exposure, and a cool 75 indoors. Heaven.

Oh you guys- you don't know about humidity. try 100 + 80-90% humidity. Now THAT'S hot.

As far as this wonderful dry heat we're having- well, I'm with Gil- bring it on!!

"You can always tell a transpant, because they will say they like the rain."

Not true, I was born and grew up and lived 40+ years here and like the rain.

Thank god it is not Florida high-humidity hot.

Spend a 100 degree day in Texas, in, say, Houston or San Antonio, and you'll find out what heat + humidity is really all about. This supposed Portland "heat" is pathetic, stuff I can do standing on my head.

Having grown up around Houston, I agree with Rusty. I recall scorching summer days, sky brilliant blue with huge white flatbottomed clouds, and pretty much a daily rain for about 5 minutes, just to keep the humidity up and to get the pavement steaming. In the summer 1981, we went 32 days of highs over 100. I played tennis in 116 degrees. Once.

Now this? This is vacation weather, my friends, so enjoy....

This weather makes me seriously wonder why I ever left Scottsdale.

As a Portland native, I feel I have to jump in here.

I do enjoy visiting hot weather like, say, in Las Vegas or, much closer to home, Bend or other parts east of the Cascades. The rain and cool weather gets to you. I was down in Vegas just over a year ago absolutely basking in the glorious desert heat.

However, I don't like living in the hotter weather, especially since most of our homes here were not built to deal with it. It's kind of like my view of snow: I like to visit it up in the mountains but it is a pain in the @## to deal with in the city.

But, since it usually only comes once or twice a year in a 3-5 day spurt, and even then with relatively low humidity (pun not really intended), it is a like a mini-vacation at home. And as long as we're not under water restrictions like some years (e.g. 1992), my peppers and tomatoes love it.

Funny how you mention the heat and Oregon natives, Jack. Yesterday, I was at the nursery and the cashier asked if I was staying cool. I said I liked the heat and it was a welcomed change. He said he was an "old native' and hates the heat.

Even though I was born in Jersy, I've lived 38 out of 39 years here. I think that makes me a "native" as if that has to do with anything.

Oregon native=rain-loving mossback? Please.

I grew up near Palm Springs, CA and I don't miss this 100 degree heat at all. I also don't have AC and so sleeping his difficult at best. Glad you're enjoying it though Jack.

Wow, I'm reading these posts and I'm thinking, "Finally one that plays to my background. I can ace this!" You want heat? Try being born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Places like Houston are where my people went to get a break from life in the desert.

I dunno, Im not a big "heat" guy....anything over 85 and I stay indoors. Besides, I fry rather easily.

I remember complaining to my younger brother about it being 100 here and miserable. Then he likes to bring up his year in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War. He said it can hit 130 during the day, and the only shade was under your helmet. Then a nice roasty 90-95 at night.

Fortunately he hasnt had to go over this time. Not yet anyway...

You folks are nucking futz.

I'm a native (been here 48 of my 53 years, having come here from the "dry side" - Ordnance, Oregon). I hate this heat. I hate anything over about 75 F. I'm hiding out in my airconditioned lair. Yes, what with global warming (heh), I decided to invest in an actual air conditioner. My ideal is 65 F, sunny with occasional showers. If Canada would have me, I'd go there.

"Oregon native=rain-loving mossback?"

Hell yes. At least for this one.

I'm coping so far, though. I have to keep dipping my feet to keep the webbing from drying out. I watered the lichen on my car yesterday.[*] But I dunno how long my collection of various molds and fungi can take this.

[*: Okay, I'm kidding about watering the lichen. It seems to be a dry-hardy variety... it survived a week in Burns last year.]

I'm a NW native and I like heat, but 90ish is fine, this 100 stuff, blah the east side can keep it.

Unfortunately I don't have an a.c. so I have to keep opening the frig door and standing in front of it till I cool off. (poor man's ac!)

Which reminds me, when I was a kid in Tn. and we went for a ride in a car without ac my Mom would say "turn on the 4/40" (roll down all four windows and go at least 40mph).

"Unfortunately I don't have an a.c. so I have to keep opening the frig door and standing in front of it till I cool off."

We obey the laws of thermodynamics in this house, young lady!

Being an Oregon native, I'll take this heat any day compared to six months of medic training in starched uniforms in San Antonio with the heat @ 90 degree and humidity @ 90%. But I loved the Riverwalk at any temperature and the beautiful ladies-ah, so long ago. But the bugs-ugh.

"Oregon native=rain-loving mossback?"

Extra hell yes.

Anything above the 60s is too hot.

Below freezing gets boring. Gimme the moss anyday. I could live with "sporadic showers and light wind" for the rest of my days.

Obviously these "mossback" natives are all from other parts of the state--the east side of the Cascades or down around Medford. Anyone who grew up in the Willamette Valley through all the soggy winters and springs loves sun and heat.

The best part of this heat wave is that it's happening around the solstice, so we can be outdoors late in the evening. Typically, it is rainy or cloudy this time of year and we can't enjoy that extra daylight.

There are countless ways of beating the heat, but this is my favorite: put one bottle of beer in the freezer and wait about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, sip some iced tea. After the 45 minutes are up, take the bottle out of the freezer and put in another one. Repeat as necessary. Only put one bottle in at a time and only drink the bottles put in the freezer.

Why? Because there is nothing better.

Man, the heat down here in KF is a nice respite from the "summers" in Coos Bay, which seemed to be pretty much August and September. 9 4th of July's spent in sweatshirts and parkas... what crap! hehe.

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