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Saturday, June 17, 2006

New day editor

Regular readers know that most of the blogging around here is not done during the day. But to decrease the lag time between posts, we have enlisted the help of a new editor, who will keep an eye on things when we can't. Here she is on her first day of duty at blog headquarters:

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And to those who asked, thank you, Ralph appears to be taking this in stride... more or less... so far.

cats hate government subsidies - especially for high-end condos

Our cats' "condo" is low-density, and it was acquired without handouts from any government.

Beware kitty kat footprints on the keyboard.


This is a cute picture, but the impressive part came later, when Lily changed the pattern of her fur to match the slippers. That's when you first realized the cat had secret powers.

Maybe Lily has litte rmates who can replace some editors at the Big O. Not only will they be cuter, but cats can look at kings, not just roll over for them.

That's litter mates.

You must have some sweet smellin' feet! Our cats aren't so fond of our shoes!

Some cats do have a taste for knick-knacks. I had a friend with bad feet who often wore an old, old pair of comfortable shoes that could be quite stinky; I realized this when she took them off at my house one day; one of my cats immediately started rolling on them and purring LOUDLY.

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